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Duct Leakage Testing

Why Test Ducts?

Leaky ducts pose health, safety and comfort problems and account for about 25% of the total energy lost in a typical house. Because it’s “by far the most cost effective way to save energy”, building codes now demand higher performance. Duct testing provides an easy, fast, verifiable test result.

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Advantages of Duct Testing

The International Energy Conservation Code requires duct leakage testing in all new construction, or in existing houses where more than 50% of the ducts are replaced.

To properly size a heating and/or cooling system in a home, a load calculation must be completed. Undersizing a system will cause comfort issues since the system will not be able to heat or cool to the desired temperature. Oversizing also causes issues such as short cycling, where the system reaches the desired temperature too fast causing it to start and stop more often. This can use more energy consumption and increase the likelihood of equipment failure. For areas with high moisture content in the air, short cycling also prevents the system from running long enough to adequately remove moisture from the home. Air infiltration is an important factor that contributes to proper system sizing and can sometimes make up 15% of the load.

Duct Testing Procedure

The Flex Duct connects the calibrated fan to a return register. All other registers are sealed off. The gauge is connected to the supply register closest to the supply plenum and to the fan that creates a test pressure of + or - 25 Pascals (Pa). The gauge displays the test pressure and the corresponding duct leakage flow in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The gauge will also display CFM/100 square feet to compare directly to the requirement in the table, when Floor Area is entered into the gauge.

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Solve Duct Leakage Test Failure Problems

The Energy Calc Services team will quickly find and seal all problem areas of the HVAC system. Using fully approved and/or specified sealant materials, our Techs have the experience to trouble shoot and seal any system. To schedule sealing, give us a call!

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Duct Leakage Test Averages $400.00.
Average price is subject to change. Exact estimate will be provided based on location, design of building, number of HVAC units, and choice of services.
Included With Duct Leakage Test:

  • Envelope Leakage Test Report
  • House Configuration Documentation Sheet
  • Air fiters removed and inspected - If filters need replacing, and you have replacements on site, we will replace them free of charge
  • Air Leakage Report - Should test fail, report is provided free of charge.

Duct Leakage Time Frame & Procedure

This process will take a minimum of 2 hours and at this time we can perform the test within 2 to 3 days of contact.

  • Visual inspection of the HVAC system to make sure all duct connections are secure and the air handle doesn’t have obvious issues that may effect the test
  • All interior doors & one exterior door or window is opened
  • All thermostat(s) set to “off”
  • All exhaust fans, dryers, air moving devices or similar installations are off
  • Document the set up of the house, the equipment, and the locations utilized during testing to confirm compliance with the standard
  • Seal all registers, remove filters, set up the duct tester and seal it to the return grill
  • Input required settings, perform the test
  • Document and calculate test results

Requirements For Duct Leakage Test

If we performed the initial Energy Load Calculation, we will have all documents on file to perform your Blower Door Test. Simply notify us when you are ready to schedule your test.

If Energy Calc Services did not perform the initial Energy Load Calculation, we require the following documents to perform the Blower Door Test. Instructions and links can be found on our Energy Calculation page.

  • Copy of Energy Calculations Results
  • Architectural Drawings


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